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About Us

    Hoover’s Thriftway opened its doors on February 11, 1987 with Jay McGhee being the first customer who is still a regular customer today. Opening a grocery store was the life-long dream of owners Larry & Carlita Hoover. The location selected for the store is Cross Centre and was the first store in the developing shopping center.  Larry & Carlita received help from their 4 children in preparing the store for opening. Ron served as the store’s Assistant Manager and is now the store owner, Tammy worked in the office in the bookkeeping  department, Lisa traveled back and forth and helped out on her days off from her job in Olathe and Rod helped out whenever time permitted due to running his own retail & sanitation business.  During the opening weeks of the store the Hoover’s were shaken with the untimely death of Rod on February 20th, 1987, however they were glad in the fact that he had been able to see the dream become reality.

   At the time the store employed 16 people. Bob Brown & Wes Byfield were the department heads in Meat & Produce. They are still with the store 24 years later. The store today now employs over 50 people.  Through out the years the store has seen many changes.  A travel agency has come and gone, run by Lisa Hoover.  A pharmacy was put in by Jerry Crisp and later purchased by Tammy and her husband at the time Dan Salava.  The Prescription Centre is still here and is owned by Dan Salava. The size of the store has doubled in size since it’s original opening.  A deli was even put in at the back of the store.  In October of 2000 Hoover’s Thriftway lost their leader, Larry. Ron, Tammy & Lisa carried on his dream.   As time went on Lisa decided to go in a different direction and sold out to Ron & Tammy.  In February of 2009, Tammy sold out to Ron. Today Ron and his wife Sandie still carry on the business. 

   The last few years have brought many new changes to the store. A smoker was purchased to provide fresh smoked meats through out the year, different community involvement days have been started such as our Fall Festival. This year we started our Customer Rewards program. We are dedicated to coming up with many other new and exciting things in the future.  It is our goal to provide you with outstanding customer service and strive to remain as your friendly, hometown grocery store.